Chapter 2

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The Towers of the Moons was located in northern Khaballe, north of the Thaum Mountains near the Strait of Kho Rhon'ah. Northern Khaballe was somewhat barren, with a few nut-bearing trees and copses scattered between the mountains and the coast. Winters could be quite harsh here as there was no barrier from the severe northeast winds that came from the Oertha Sea, racing their way down the Strait. Worse than the wind was the perpetual dampness that clung to the trees, the Towers, everything. Sitting in front of a fire might warm you to an extent, but it seemed that nothing save a strong ale or mead could coerce the chill to relinquish its grip from your bones.

The Towers stood adjacent to one of the copses and was really the only landmark between the Thaums and the Strait. It was made of medium grey stone that was speckled with black and consisted of two turrets connected on various levels by walkways and by a large hall on the ground floor. The turret on the left was named Skhuroh (after the smaller of the two moons that orbited Lhogosse), was over a hundred and fifty feet high and housed the witches quarters. The right turret was called Khyaroh after the larger of the two moons. It was a third taller than the left one and held classrooms, libraries, laboratories and the Council Chamber. The common area consisted of the entrance and dining halls as well as access to the underground storerooms.

Even on a bright summer day the Towers did not afford much welcome. It stood dark against the sky somehow shrouding its own presence. It was due in part to a magic spell encompassing the grounds of the Towers, forbidding entrance to any unbidden by the witches. But it also had to do with the fact that it stood alone in a wasteland, mirroring the self-imposed exile of the witches.

It was here, to the Towers of the Moons, that Albera had hastened. There being little she could do for Uriel, Albera decided to inform the High Witch Khyrhyelle of the happening. An attempt to coax the unicorn to return with her proved unsuccessful: the yearling would not leave Uriel's side. Thus, she set out with a deliberate urgency, her instincts telling her that all was not over where the wizard was concerned.

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