Chapter 6

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The deep, guttural voice filled the darkness. It mocked him and laughed hideously. "You dare to come here? You dare to challenge our might? Our supreme power? You are pitiful. You are nothing. We will use you for our own ends and then we will burn you for eternity, licking your Soul with our tongues of flame." The darkness grew blacker. The visage of a goat-man emerged from the darkness. "They come for you." The goat-man laughed and then was supplanted by two skeletal mounts carrying black-armored skeletons. The flames that were their eyes never left his. Fear gripped his Soul in a vice. He wanted to cry out but he could not even do that. Though time did not pass in this darkness, he could sense the ghastly skeletons approaching, drawing closer. He could smell the stench of the rotted flesh hanging from their bones. They were almost upon him now, the claws that were their hands reaching out to take him. Suddenly, they retreated into the darkness, leaving Uriel all alone.


Uriel came to with a start. The Dark Ones had almost captured him again! But when he opened his eyes, it was not to their darkness, but to a beautiful vision. For above him stood an angel.

She was a vision unlike any other. Her long hair was the color of silver if it could be woven into silk. She had the most lovely face and exquisite features. She exuded radiance. She was ageless and eternity was mirrored in her grey eyes.

"I've died again." His voice sounded strange to his ears. Not only was the throat harsh and sore but the words themselves were not in English. Uriel was very confused. "It's different this time. Why are you here? Where is the HIERARCHY? Did they send you? Have I failed?"

"Died again?" A touch of a smile, compassion deep in the grey eyes. "No, you are very much alive. As for your other questions… all I can tell you is that you are in the Towers of the Moons. I am Khyrhyelle, High Witch of the Moons."

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