Chapter 9

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"Is this a good spot?" Uriel was holding two baskets along with his staff and wanted to drop them where he was.

Khyrhyelle arrived at the spot Uriel had chosen and surveyed the area. They were well into the trees north of the Towers, just beyond the boundary of the spell which protected their grounds.

Uriel grew impatient. "Well?"

"I suppose it will do."

"Thank you," Uriel replied sarcastically. He dropped both baskets, opened one, took out a blanket and proceeded to spread it out. Meanwhile, Khyrhyelle took out the contents of the other, the aroma making Uriel's mouth water and stomach growl.

After she spread out their lunch, Khyrhyelle looked to the cloudless sky and seemed to absorb the energy from the twin suns. "I cannot believe how beautiful the weather is."

The weather had been unusually pleasant for this time of year. Northern Khaballe seldom experienced spring. Many times the transition from winter to summer was a short-lived week. But this year the greys of late winter had given way to the greens of early spring a month earlier than expected.

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