Chapter 10

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Uriel poked a burning log in the fireplace. Khyrhyelle had been in a foul mood the remainder of the day. Uriel tried several approaches to bring her out of it, all of them excluding any mention of the afternoon encounter. Each attempt however, was futile. So he tried the more direct approach. "Interesting day, wasn't it?"


Okay, so much for that. Let's try concern. "How is Ghemella?" That, to Uriel's surprise, made the High Witch laugh. "What's so funny?"

"Ghemella," Khyrhyelle responded. "When she recovered sufficiently to speak, she asked for me and I went to see her. She was falling all over herself thanking me for saving her Soul. She practically fainted when I told her you were her savior."

Uriel scowled. "The more I think about it…"

"Nonsense," Khyrhyelle countered. "You would save her again and again if the need arose."

"Only because she was protecting you."

"Am I truly to believe that?" They both laughed but then Khyrhyelle turned serious. "Uriel, how did you manage that spell you used on the Slayer?"

"It just sort of came to my mind all of a sudden. I had read it in a book I picked up in the library on basic spells. It was the only spellbook I've looked at because I was worried about the power. Even some of those basic ones looked pretty potent to me. I mean, look at what I did to the SoulSlayer. If that would have been an ordinary person, I would have killed them."

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