Chapter 11

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The road from Sevhert'ah to Bhel'Ehzz ran east-southeast and connected with the road from Ghlor Nhor some leagues west of the capital. Though it was not an overly long route, the rains of spring in central Khaballe had made the going painfully slow. Still, Mhylzul was ahead of his appointed meeting time by a day. He travelled alone and paused only for brief meals and rest, more for his horse than himself. The horse, an all purpose bay Mhat he "acquired" just before he set out, had been more than adequate for his needs.

Mhylzul approached the junction of the two roads and came to a halt. He stared ahead into the dreary, overcast sky, unaffected by the steadily falling rain or the brisk wind that accompanied it. Rain had followed his entire journey from Sevhert'ah. First he had grown accustomed to it, then welcomed it. After all, once you were wet it didn't much matter any longer. And it had served as a deterrent to others, allowing him to travel the road relatively unnoticed.

As he paused, sitting in the rain, his thoughts were on Bhel'Ehzz. If he pushed, he would be there before late evening, a full day before he was required. He thought about the comfort of a bed and someone to share it with and decided it was worth the effort. Mhylzul adjusted his pack, spurred his horse and moved on.

After several hours Mhylzul could begin to discern the flickering lights of the capital as dusk turned into night. He continued for another league or so then turned off the road and headed northeast. He rode in that direction until he neared the Twisted Horn River. Mhylzul dismounted, removed his pack from the horse and sent the animal away with a kick in the rump. After shouldering the pack, he carefully made his way down to the river, getting as close to the city as he would dare.

Mhylzul hesitated at the riverbank for only a moment before entering the Twisted Horn, being mindful to try to keep the pack dry. He had chosen this method of entry because the roads into the walled capital were guarded. Anyone entering or leaving Bhel'Ehzz was required to state their business and was subject to inspection. Though Mhylzul could have obtained false credentials, he preferred no one had any documentation of his arrival or departure.

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