Chapter 13

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The Inn of the Falling Leaf was a favorite establishment in Bhel'Ehzz. As it was frequented by all types, it was not unusual to dine next to the table of a baron or an earl. Even the royal family had dined there. The Falling Leaf was noted for its fine food, comfortable lodging, wondrous entertainment and pleasant atmosphere. Built from the massive argentrees which encompassed it, the Inn derived its name from the beauty of the rare trees. Both leaves and bark were a deep green tinged with a sparkling silver which shed and grew year round, seemingly oblivious to the seasons. They were guarded cautiously not only for the silver which could be extracted from them but for their beauty which was so renowned. Considered exquisite and exotic items, the fallen leaves would be gathered or the bark and leaves would be picked right off the argentrees to be collected or sold. The leaves and bark of the argentrees brought healthy prices from many a merchant and port all over Khaballe.

Mhylzul was not overly thrilled at meeting his contact at the Falling Leaf. It was the type of place where he would stand out, be noticed, attract attention. Mhylzul found his appointed table amidst looks of conjecture and sat down with a scowl. He despised these people and their arrogance, returned looks that made the others turn away. Damn that bastard for making me come here! He ordered an ale to settle himself. The drink came and he took a sip and almost choked on it. While the brew was excellent, he didn't expect two knights to enter the Inn and occupy the table next to his.


"The rumors grow, Setryv. Something must be done quickly, before they spread much farther." Mharkhel, Knight of the Flaming Sword, the personal guard of the royal family and army of the King, gave his childhood friend a long look of deep concern.

"You pay too much heed to the tongues of drunkards. The situation is not serious. We will simply locate the source of the rumors and quell them. Quietly, though painfully, of course." Setryv toyed with a dagger and smiled wickedly.

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