Chapter 15

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"It has been nine hours," Lhynette complained. The white robe stood next to a wall, leaning on it and absently tracing the symbols carved into it.

"You have reminded us of the lapse of time every hour on the hour since we have been here." Dhynelle was not overly fond of the long wait herself. She had been pacing the small antechamber for the last quarter hour. "You are not the only one who has been subjected to this, Lhynette. I, too, wish it was over."

Lhynette raked her greying blonde hair out of her face. "I wonder how much longer it will be," she thought out loud.

"The only one who could offer an answer has been asleep for hours." Qelharre, seated on the floor with her legs crossed, gave Wyxotte a disgusting look. "Look at her. The perfect representation of a bloated, snoring bhalen." A bhalen was a huge, menacing sea creature, not unlike a whale.

Lhynette reprimanded the dark elf. "Qelharre! She has been through much. We have all been through much." The white robe put her head down and quietly added, "Some more than others." Lhynette had been chastising herself for subjecting Arhyvhynne to the Trials. During the nine hour wait, her priorities had switched from Arhyvhynne becoming High Witch to having the young white robe come out alive and mentally stable.

"I would never have believed it would take Eyrmysse this long," Dhynelle said.

Lhynette shot her an irritated glance. "Obviously Arhyvhynne has been found as suitable if not more so."

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