Chapter 18

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In the week that had passed since Arhyvhynne succeeded her mother as High Witch, the Council centered its attention on two main issues. The first matter dealt with the unlikely manner in which Khyrhyelle had met her demise. The Council ascertained little from the evidence they had gathered and no new information had been forthcoming. The witches had determined the type of spell used, a recondite variation of a paralysis spell. In the fashion it was used, it would be considered a casting requiring a relatively high degree of knowledge and mastery. It was generally thought to be a spell that would be in a black robe's repertoire, the point illustrated by the fact that Eyrmysse was the only one who knew of its existence. Or at least she was the only one who admitted knowing of it.

Given that, however, they could not limit their inquiries to black robes. It was possible that they had amongst their sisterhood one so accomplished as to live her outward life as a white robe though she secretly walked the black Path. Or as Dhynelle had been quick to point out, a misled white robe posing as a black.

Only two other theories had emerged. One was that the SoulSlayer Ahrokh, or whoever had sent him, had managed to possess one of the witches. The other was that Uriel was behind the death of the High Witch. Which lead to the second matter that caused long nights and heated debates amongst the Council members: the question of what to do about Uriel.

Dhynelle argued in no uncertain terms that she thought Uriel, if not directly, was in some way responsible for the misfortunes the witches had encountered. She felt drastic measures had to be taken immediately, including imprisonment in the dungeons, subjection to a team of mind scanners (she did not trust an interpretation solely by Arhyvhynne) and ultimately sent to Bhel'Ehzz to be judged by King Nherycyn, his Advisor Athar and Tomhylhen, the High Priest of the Clerics. The black robe was backed by both her colleagues though Qelharre felt more strongly about it than did Eyrmysse, who had remained rather distant.

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