Chapter 19

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It was a busy night in the White Wyvern. After a hot day in the capital, a sizable portion of the lower class inhabitants of Bhel'Ehzz sought refuge in the form of cold ale and companionship. Two large men sat at the cramped bar. One was obviously enjoying himself, pinching and grabbing every serving wench that had the misfortune of sauntering past him. The other only seemed interested in the dark golden liquid that never seemed to be in the stein long enough to lose its chill.

Another serving wench strolled past the bar and received a hand firmly entrenched in her rather well endowed chest. She squealed and made a rather poor attempt at feigning indignation. Ghudher, the barkeep, moved quickly to discourage any further attempts to partake of the attributes of the barmaid.

"Easy friend," the patron said. "It's the night before MidSummer celebration begins. I was only sampling the goods."

The barkeep eyed the blonde man coldly. "Keep yer hands to yerself. I don't mean to warn ya again. This isn't the first time for you tonight."

"Exactly my point, my good man. If they weren't enjoyin' it, they wouldn't be comin' back now, would they?"

"Just leave the girls alone. If yer interest be in that direction, I strongly suggest you look elsewhere." Ghudher drew himself up. "I run a respectable place here."

The blonde man's eyes turned hard. He began to say something, then swallowed his retort. With much effort, he managed a smile. "I'm sorry friend. I meant no disrespect to your establishment or your girls." He paused then said, "Another ale if you would be so good. Here, this is for your trouble." He tossed a silver pennhutz on the counter.

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