Chapter 21

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Uriel stared at the fireplace across the room, enjoying the effects of the dying flames caressing the remnants of the remaining log on the grate. Caressing, what a wonderful idea, he thought. He snuggled his body to the back of hers. He had referred to it as "spoons" in a previous life, the recollection of that life not bothering him in the least.

They laid quietly for a while, content in their cuddling. Then she rolled onto her back and Uriel gave his partner a small hug as she lay in the crook of his left arm. He moved his left hand down and absently played with her breast while she lightly traced the gold branded pentagram on his chest. "This is incredible," he said, looking into her eyes.

She returned the look, undisguised desire portrayed in her eyes. "No, you are incredible," she whispered and kissed him deeply as they once again began to bring each other to the height of ecstasy.

This was the second time Uriel had been with her. Their initial encounter had been two nights previous, the first day of the MidSummer celebration, after the completion of the opening rituals. Their passion had been electric. When they finally reached the seclusion of her room, they literally tore each other's clothes off. They explored each other's nakedness with total abandon, their bodies quivering with every touch. Their lovemaking went unabated until light from the first of the rising twin suns peeked at them through the window and exhaustion rendered them incapable of more.

It had been agony not having her the duration of the day. But it also heightened his anticipation and longing for her. It was MidSummer eve and all through the day, into the evening and through the ritual celebration under the evening suns, their desire to be with one another increased until it was unbearable. Every word read, every phrase uttered, the scent of the foliage, the wind whispering through the leaves, they all hinted at the pleasures the night would bring.

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