Chapter 26

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Uriel was staring out of his window, drawing parallels between the bright blue sky turning dull blue-grey and his life when he heard a knock at his door. Eyrmysse entered and closed the door behind her. After a moment of hesitation, they fell into each other's arms.

"Thank you for helping me out back there," he told her. "Though, to be honest, you had me guessing for a while."

"Thank you for not saying anything. I am truly sorry I did not support you earlier. But I felt it best that on the surface it appear that we are not involved. Even so, I fear that my sister is becoming suspicious," Eyrmysse said.

"Why? Anything happen after I left?"

Eyrmysse filled him in on the Council's attempts to make some sense out of everything that had been going on. Afterwards, an awkward silence fell upon them which Uriel finally broke. "I'm so glad that things haven't changed between us. I was kinda afraid that you… well, you know."

Eyrmysse kissed Uriel and, for the time being, drove his insecurities into obscurity. Things progressed nicely until another knock on the door interrupted them. Uriel went to the door, opened it and was confronted by the High Witch.

Arhyvhynne looked past Uriel, saw her sister and entered the room without saying a word. Eyrmysse, also without offering comment, stared at her sister with cool, violet eyes, similar to the look she had given her in the Chambers. Uriel could only stand there, very uncomfortable, thinking that this had not been a very good day for him and waited for it to get worse.

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