Chapter 27

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A steady drizzle fell from a bleak sky which was colored various shades of grey. The terrain was nondescript except for a few trees and some sparse brush. Light fog hovered near the ground. The small party had set out half an hour before and little had been spoken to this point. Each person was caught up in their own private world, dreading the trip which they had just embarked upon.

Ghemella rode in front upon a young grey and black Spyhr, the chosen horse of the witches. The horse was bred more for its demeanor, speed, intuition and intelligence than its ability to bear heavy packs. But they had a strong constitution and Ghemella's did not seem to mind the added burden. On the other hand, the Guardian was already bending under her burden. Though she volunteered, demanded actually, to be the High Witch's escort, it did not diminish the amount of responsibility she felt. Her nerves were on edge, tired from the long night outside Uriel's door and the confrontation with Eyrmysse. Upon their departure, the other Guardians cautioned her concerning the probable appearance of SoulSlayers. She didn't have to be reminded. That was all that occupied her mind.

Arhyvhynne followed behind Ghemella, also on a Spyhr. Hers was completely grey with a black mane and had been with her for many years. The High Witch reflected on the meeting that would take place in Bhel'Ehzz and what the possible outcomes could be. She was having a difficult time with her own Council where Uriel was concerned and expected even more opposition in her audience with the King, Athar and probably Tomhylhen. She was making this trip more for Uriel's sake than anything else. Had the King requested her presence and not Uriel's, she would have come up with a way to excuse her absence or send somebody in her place.

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