Chapter 30

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The Assembly Hall was a large, spacious, square room with several antiquities and relics from past reigns exhibited on the walls and in cases. Historical maps, significant legislative documents, narratives of wars, diaries, swords and shields—some still with traces of the blood that had been drawn in battle, all drew one's attention to them in their own unique way. But the item that dominated the room was a massive dragon's head mounted above the entryway, preserved from Mhelynycyn's reign and supposedly the first beast the DragonHunter had slain.

Those in the hall wandered to their seats after examining many of the artifacts. Each city of Khaballe was represented in the Conclave of 2999 by their highest ranking official who acted as Lord Mayor (even though they all had different titles) and anyone else deemed appropriate. Most of those participating had made previous Journeys and attended Conclaves before. The High Witch and the Ministry were also present and could voice their opinions as well as be queried but did not have a direct part in the actual negotiations. The representatives were seated around the large table in the center of the hall with banners from the cities hanging behind them on the walls. The other guests were located around the periphery of the room.

Rhenycyn went over his notes, matching them with the faces he saw gathered around the large, highly polished table. He was familiar with most of those present and, through the effort of his spies (especially the females), had accumulated a good deal of information pertaining to what each one sought. Or so he thought.

The first name on the Prince's list was that of Athar. The King's Advisor represented Kho Rhon'ah, though it was not actually populated. This was generally considered to be a tool of the King's; a way to increase his power in issues that went to a vote. As with the Ministry, the King was not obliged to adhere to the outcome of a vote by the representatives. It was generally taken, however, that unless it was regarding a national issue or concerning national security, the King would refrain from using his power to overrule a vote. Rhenycyn was of the opinion that Athar would be out to discredit him, probably in the matter pertaining to Uriel.

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