Chapter 31

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The Prince, somewhat taken aback by Fhyndhella's absence, began his return trip to the castle early in the morning. Rhenycyn figured Fhyndhella had wanted to get back to her father's estate before she was missed and left without waking him. He re-examined his feelings for Fhyndhella as he rode through the city, but sadly, they remained unchanged. Even though they shared a night of pleasure, apparently it was not the ingredient missing in their on again off again relationship. He felt somewhat guilty about that, but knew better than to try to fool himself into believing otherwise.

As he galloped down the streets of the city, Rhenycyn caught some strange looks from the early risers. More peculiar was the fact that no one hailed him and some even shrank into doorways so as not to be seen. The Prince was trying to determine the reason for this lack of recognition when a detachment of Knights of the Flaming Sword waylaid him. They bound and escorted him the remainder of the way back to the castle as a hostile prisoner and was not informed of the crime he was accused of committing until they arrived. There, he was met by Vhyqyrd, who read the charge to him and had him dragged down to the dungeons.

The Prince was placed in a cell next to Uriel and there guarded by Mharkhel, Setryv and one of Athar's ten, Zomyel. Rhenycyn was in a state of shock, both over the death of his father and that he was accused of murdering him. He sat on the cold stone floor, his elbows leaning on his knees and his head resting in his hands. When he looked up, his hazel eyes were glazed over. "Mharkhel, what of my sister?"

"We are under orders not to converse with you under any circumstances," Setryv said before Mharkhel could answer.

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