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"An amazing read, full of magic. The story has the perfect ingredients for a good fantasy book… All these elements, combined with detailed descriptions of the characters and landscapes, transport the reader to the Khaballe kingdom… It is a very unpredictable and surprising book: lots of work in the background; excellent plot; well developed, no loose ends. Runecraft will not disappoint fantasy book lovers. I am really looking forward to the publication of the next two volumes!" Editor
Reviewed 1/31/11

"Losacco does a wonderful job creating a complex tale that draws the reader into Khaballe. He develops a world distinct from those already created (Shannara, Middle Earth, Earthsea, Riftwar, etc.). With adept description and realistic dialogue, the reader is enveloped by this fantasy tale. The novel is well paced and provides a number of philosophical themes that underlie the narrative. Like other great works of this nature, the reader can enjoy this story on a number of levels; which makes it appropriate for a broad audience. Losacco breathes new life into a sub-genre that is quietly moving to the background of modern fantasy. This work shows that high fantasy deserves a seat at the head of the Fantasy table."
Daniel Quiles Pagan Author, NetherWorld
Reviewed 5/1/11

"Many who attempt a similar theme simply wind up regurgitating the same pre-Tolkienesque elf-dwarf-wizard cliches that have been in use for centuries, but I found yours to be fresh and original. I can honestly say that in the character developments, I can picture their essences as belonging to people I have actually known… mentors, friends, loved ones… I also enjoyed the portrayal of elementals as those possessing an intellectual, wise, and vulnerable nature- as opposed to their usual portrayal as violent, destructive creatures. Thanks for sharing this, It was truly enjoyable."
—RuneCraft feedback

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