Shipping & Handling

We ship to the continental United States (CONUS), Alaska, and Hawaii via United States Postal Service (USPS) Priority Mail with tracking. We provide the boxes and packing material and charge $35 for that service for each firearm ($40 if you are shipping to California) in addition to postage & insurance. You would need to provide us the buyer's contact information (phone number and email address so they can be referenced on a copy of our FFL license that is included with the shipment) and the contact info for the receiving FFL dealer. You would need to bring the firearm(s), your FOID and current Illinois Driver's License along with the transfer fee, preferably cash. Once you receive payment from the buyer, you would contact us to authorize shipment. We will ship within 24 hours of receiving your authorization (except for Sundays and holidays) and email you the tracking number.


Shipped USPS Priority Mail insured with Tracking for $25.1

Long Guns

Shipped USPS Priority Mail insured with Tracking for $40.1


Shipped USPS Priority Mail insured with Tracking for $20.1


  1. Firearms/Lower Receivers
    • Illinois: FOlD card number must be on file
    • New York: no assault lines
    • Washington DC: no firearms or lower receivers
  2. Hi-Cap Magazines
    • California, Massachusetts, Chicago, and Washington DC: no magazines over 10 round capacity
    • Hawaii: no handgun magazines over 10 round capacity
    • New Jersey: no magazines over l5 round capacity
    • Maryland: no magazines over 20 round capacity
    • New York: no magaziness over 10 round capacity made after 1994

1Prices are estimated based on insurance being less than $500.